Advertising & Affiliate Disclaimer Notice

Legally, I think I have to let folks know that I’ve used a few affiliate links throughout the site and I hope that the advertising banners are fairly noticeable.

Please know that the use of advertising and affiliate links on this site is not intended to make my family rich, put my kids through college, or even buy me new camera equipment. Honestly, I’d be happy to cover the annual cost of our hosting account.

The affiliate relationships that I have signed up for and utilize are for sites and services that I find useful for photography or life. I’ve learned from these places, engage with them regularly, and/or shop from them as often as I shop anywhere.

Basically, affiliate means if you click from this site to theirs and purchase something:

  • Phlearn – I get store credit toward watching their Pro Tutorials, which are awesome. I have watched a few already and would love to learn more.
  • Gurushots – I get digital gifts to use in photo contests.
  • Viewbug – I get digital “reward points” and possibly credit toward a Pro membership, though we are quite content with our free account at this point in time.
  • Amazon – I think this gives store credit…though we have yet to hit the necessary threshold, so I’m not really sure.

And banner ads…are banner ads. They’ve been around for awhile on nearly every major site. If you click on them, I get a few cents credit put into an account. When the account reaches a certain level, they deposit money into my bank account. However, again, we have yet to hit that threshold, so until that happens it’s all theoretical, I suppose.

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To contact me for any reason, please use the provided form. While I am usually connected, it may take me a few hours to respond, longer if its a weekend and/or holiday.