About Here4Ages

I am a Christian, husband, father, and geek. And I try my best to keep them in that order.

When I sat down to plan out this site, I thought a lot about what it could be, what it should be, and what the point was. What was the purpose of creating a site at all?

  • I wanted a place for my family and I to share our new hobby and passion for photography.
  • Since we’ve gotten photo ideas from a couple of contest sites, I also wanted to create a “brand” we could submit under, since my children are still young and the Internet can be a very creepy place.
  • I’ve wanted to start a personal blog…even if no one reads it but me…where I could talk about values, work, the fun we are having with photography as a family, my concerns about the world at large, etc.

One existential afternoon, I was thinking about naming the site and kept coming back to that word, purpose, and I started thinking about my own purpose. When I was growing up, I dreamed of being a cowboy, a marine biologist, or an electrical engineer like my dad…

Since I didn’t end up being any of those things…what am I here for? What great things am I doing to improve the world?

And then I remembered that my life isn’t about me. I have a wife and three beautiful children that should be my focus, and the focus of this site.

So, as a personal reminder that while I may not be anything I dreamed of being as a kid, my life has a purpose that is far more precious. I am here for them. And their initials are A, G, E, and S.

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